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Please note that above pricing is for our delivery service only.

delivery Dishes menu 2020


ALL DISHES ARE COOLED  FRESH AN CHILLED DOWN, WE THEN DELIVER YOUR FOOD cold Main course with 2 vegetables and 1 potato dish from £10.00(subject to availability)

Chicken or Vegetable Ceylon Curry served with

Basmati rice and mango chutney.


Vegetable and mixed bean or Beef chilli with rice


Beef or Vegetable Lasagna, served with Garlic bread.


Classic Steak and Ale Pie


Escalope of Pork with a Cream & Dijon mustard Sauce


Traditional Beef bourguinon


Steak and Kidney pie


Steak ale and mushroom pie


Steak and stilton Pie


Steak Guinness and onion Pie


Roast chicken and Ham hock Pie


Chicken, Stilton Pie


Vegetarian selections

Tartlet of Sweet Peppers and goats cheese


Vegetable Spring Rolls


Potato and vegetable selections

Choose 1 potato dish and up to 2 vegetables.

Roast Potatoes

New Potatoes

Dauphinoise Potatoes

Lyonnaise Potatoes

Creamed Mashed Potatoes

Steamed Broccoli Florets

Glazed Baton Carrots

Honey Roasted Parsnips

Sauteed brussel spouts

Pureed Swede and Carrots

Minted Garden Peas

Green Beans

Cauliflower cheese

Extra Yorkshire puddings £0.50 each

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